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Electric Solar Panels For Homes

Mabel Said:

Wanted to buy a used boat for under 100k. Want to live on it with family, could it be all electric with a?

We Answered:

Must be nice!! Here I am living in my van and here he is has 2 houses and worried about a boat for 100k dang!!! hey if you need a shipmate let me know!!!!!

Mary Said:

Energy Primer Question Help!!!!!?

We Answered:


Don't you think that you should answer your own homework questions?

Jon Said:

What could we buy with 700 Billion dollars ?

We Answered:

If we don't use it to save our crumbling credit markets, we wouldn't be able to spend it on anything else anyway.

Lydia Said:

is using solar panels or wind turbines save money?

We Answered:

I have explored the idea of using solar panels and have concluded that within ten years it would pay for itself. Not really a bad return considering that you never have to pay another electric bill again. Of course, you would have to decide if you wanted to get completely off the grid or stay on the grid. By staying on you would actually be giving energy back to the power company. I don't think I would want to do that. So If I do it, I want off. However, at first you could do it a little at a time. Start off with 5 or 6 panels and have it run just a few things. Test the waters so to speak. If it performs well then keep adding panels as you go. My brother-in-law is an electrician and he says it is nothing to hook into the circuit breaker and isolate a particular appliance or ac unit or even hot water heater. So the answer to your questions I believe is "Yes"

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