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Do It Yourself Solar Panels For Your Home

Ross Said:

Are you ready to be raped by congress?

We Answered:

People from every income level should understand this bill will increase every persons cost of living...consider that there is not one single thing in our lives this bill won't increase. Every single bite of food that goes in our mouths is somehow produced by energy so food will go up if for no other reason the fuel cost related to getting food to the grocery stores. Every home in this country will be required to meet California standards and if they don't you will be required to bring your home up to California standards in order to sell it. There is 1300 pages to this bill and it is being pushed through without being read by the House...last time this happened AIG people got million dollar bonus'.

Louis Said:

Does anyone want to volunteer to pay $5,000 extra in taxes this year?

We Answered:

I'll volunteer all those who voted for Obama to pay more in taxes.

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