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Diy Solar Home

Connie Said:

Solar panel question for DIY?

We Answered:

Oscar, get thee to a library. You can find information there that will give you choices and directions on building solar panels. Even maybe some older manufacturing process. Remember though to cover the finished unit with a transparent shield against weather harm.

Thomas Said:

How would you "plug-in" a solar cell to your house?

We Answered:

A solar cell produces dc voltage. The mains is ac. Anything connected to generate back to the mains has to be synchronized with the mains (ac waveform at same frequency and period)

To connect what you are suggesting requires an inverter (converts dc to ac) that is suitable for synchronizing with the mains. They are commercially available along with the solar arrays.

If your net load is less than what you generate, then power will go back to the grid. You need to get confirmation from your power supplier before you go trying to connect anything like this but its quite feasible. Very expensive, but feasible

Edwin Said:

Looking for DIY home project without buying anything!?

We Answered:

Try some of these ideas:…

P.S. You'd probably have gotten a lot more looks at your question (and therefore answers) if you'd included the topic of your question (solar power windmill) in the *subject line*.
Most people don't click on every question at YA to see if it might relate to something they know...would take way too long; they count on the subject line to give them that info quickly.

And you'd probably be better off to ask this technical a question in on of the other boards too, like Engineering, Green Living, Global Warming Other Science, or others...check out this search for more details:…

Good luck!

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