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Design Solar Panel

Bradley Said:

solar panel design question?

We Answered:

Because we and the trees are trying to solve a different problem. We want electricity, a tree wants light (and some heat) for photosynthesis.

In getting the electricity we use Silicon for solar panels. (Sometimes Gallium Arsenide). And we exploit the same thing in Silicon that allows them to be computer chips. The fact that they conduct differently when voltage is applied. But for a solar panel that is done essentially in reverse. We GET a voltage difference (electricity) from shoving energy through it. Look up "junction bias" on google or yahoo for explanation.

But the DESIGN problem is: You have to couple these panels together the right way - according to their bias. You can't string them up willy nilly. There is a pattern. And when one breaks in this pattern. (I mean when the actual panel cracks, which they do easily as they are brittle). It can change the overall bias. This can make even be worse than if it was removed, it can actually fight against the "working" ones.

The efficiency is there in arranging them like a tree, but the practicality of maintenance would be daunting.

Kirk Said:

Can we change the distances between the silicon disks in a solar panel and it still works?

We Answered:

Depends on how many volt your going for. Each cell gives 1/2 volt no matter what size of the cell. If one cell is smaller then the rest then your only going to get out the amps what the smaller cell gives so its just a waist of expensive cells to make different sizes. You can space them anyway you want as long as they are all getting equal amount of light . You can mount them about anywhere but i wouldn't put around a gas tank or anything like that . They do tend to get a little hot about like the the interior of your car sitting in the sun all day with the widows up but safe for about anywhere.

Carla Said:

GE introduces a new solar panel design that allows solar farms to produce energy even when it's dark outside.?

We Answered:

I don't know, it would be lower than the yields made by the solar energy? That being said, there isn't enough solar energy that reaches the earth that could be made usable in any large way. Also, you didn't figure in the cost of building or maintaining solar facilities as well as teh large amount of space they use up AND the limited amounts of places in which they can be built. So, it's good to harness osme solar power, but that's not even gonna cover a quarter of the energy we need.

Alma Said:

how can we design house using solar panel>this house is in desert?

We Answered:

I'm assuming photovoltaic solar panels.

Calculate how much power you need, worse case. Add a factor for future increases. Calculate how many hours of sunlight you will get, worse case.

Calculate percent of time you can get power from the solar panels, and from that and power needs, calculate power requirements of panels. Add in a factor for losses in the system. Factor in the lower amount of power when the sun is not directly overhead. Add in the power to charge the batteries.

Now find a set of solar panels that meet these requirements, and decide how to mount them, so that their angle towards the sun is optimized for year around use.

You will need batteries to provide power when the sun is down. Select a type of battery and find a place to store them. Lead acid batteries should have ventilation to the outside.

Calculate how big a battery charger you will need and find one commercially available.

Specify and find an inverter to generate 120 or 240 volts AC from the batteries. Inverter should probably be the pure sine wave type.

If you have power from the utility company in the house also, consult with them to determine how you will interface with them, and how you will sell them power.

PS. One alternative is to skip the batteries and battery charger completely and sell power to to the utility company during hours of sun, and buy it back from them during dark hours, using the power company as your storage.

You will have to do some calculations to see which alternative is cheaper.
Certainly not having to buy and maintain a bank of batteries is attractive.

PPS. If you do not have a utility company connection, I'd include a motor-generator set as a standby power source.

Miriam Said:

i want to design a Solar Panel with the following power requirements?

We Answered:

What I would do is call a solor panel company and ask if they give free quotes and get it in writing. There will be your answers and you can also pick their brain when they are there.

Lucy Said:

I am trying to design a solar panel to maintian the electrical charge on 2 two 12 volts battery?

We Answered:

It depends on what you want to power with the batteries. If the charge on the batteries will be drained off completely every night, then you will need some large panels.

I assume you are using deep-cycle marine batteries, and *reasonably* use 1/10th of the energy of the 2-battery set every night. So that's about 100 Amp-hours * 24 Volts = 2400 watt-hours of energy.

You can buy a 5' x 2.5' panel rated at 110 Watts, 32 Volts.

110 Watts * 10 hours in sunlight will only give you 1/2 of what you need to charge the batteries. It will even be worse than that, because you need to take cloudy days into account. 3 of these panels might be sufficient.

There is no need to build your own charging unit. Commercial products are available.


Virgil Said:

amperage & voltage design for solar panel.?

We Answered:

the 36V option would draw less current and therefore have less losses = more efficient (academic)
the 24V option is more popular and more economical (realistic)


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