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Cost Of Solar Panels

Alvin Said:

how much do solar panels cost?

We Answered:

Go to there you will find some energy alternatives. such as solar panel heating 1 panel heats 1000 sq foot home It cost around $1600 a panel. I thought it was interesting and am considering getting one. take a look and tell me what you think my yahoo

Angela Said:

How much money would 50x50 miles of solar panels cost?

We Answered:

First Solar Cadmium-Telluride solar panels can be fully installed at $3.00-$3.50/Watt peak.

Let me be generous, and say they're $3 thanks to the huge economies of scale (prices will probably fall below this within a decade).

They're about 12% efficient, so a square metre is 120Wp* or $360.

50x50 miles = 2500 square miles = just under 6.5bn square metres.

6.5bn x 360 = $2.33 trillion (approx).

For a peak power output of 780GW.

Jimmy Said:

Is anyone aware of any serious efforts to lower the cost of solar panels for the general public?

We Answered:

This is another example of how government neglects its own, and further endangers the environment. They should be giving those things away!

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