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Cost Of Solar Panels For Home

Gary Said:

which would be better, solar panels or geothermal for a home?

We Answered:

If you haven't built your home yet yes, theoretically you can do geothermal, but takes a LOT of space & you need a geoteck study to see if its viable where your home is. Never seen it in residential. Go solar.

Elizabeth Said:

Solar Energry Costs, Home Value and Tax Incentives?

We Answered:

I answered a similar question today see if you can find it, its much more detailed answer.
In brief you don't have a chance to break even with cost equal to new value. Certainly not in 5yrs, or maybe never. I see you live in Texas think about putting in a emergency generator system with automatic transfer switch, About 12k if you shop carefully and do some of the work your self. Added value to your home 20k to 30k. Value will continue to grow as time goes buy because generator systems keep going up in price and electrical codes keep getting stricter. Use natural, or propane, or LP gas as a power source. Its non corrosive, no fouling, and doesn't age and varnish up the carburetor like gas or diesel.
Good luck

Paula Said:

My husband wants to build a wind turbine and buy a couple of solar panels.?

We Answered:

I would check out a solar panel forum to get advice from actual people who are already using solar and installed it themselves. Sounds like you are on the right path though, so good luck!

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