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Cost Of Home Solar Power System

Alma Said:

How many of you have been interested in Solar Panels but there to expensive???

We Answered:

It is not spam. Check it out. Ed Begley is working with this company. Great idea. I am an engineer and have helped install my friends systems, but up to now they have not even been close to cost effective for most people.

This method id like a cel phone service. You get the system and only pay for the electricity you use, and it is at a good rate , and never changes.

Gina Said:

Why do conservatives still think that wind and solar power are future technologies?

We Answered:

Because solar power is uneconomical.

Putting solar power on a home, takes around 30 years to recoup the cost of the installation.

The only problem being, the Solar panels only last 10 years before they must be replaced.

So you end up paying alot more for the energy you use than before.

2. The reasons conservatives say they are future technologies, is because they are not economically viable right now.

The cost are not worth the benefits.

3, yes we can get energy from them, but it would double or triple the cost of that energy, compared to what we are using today.

And there are not very many people who can afford the have their energy bill tripled.

4. In the future, there will be solar panels that are more efficient and can produce more energy and panels will be made of better materials that have a longer life span, then those solar panels will be economically viable to install.

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