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Commercial Solar Power

Wesley Said:

Did any body see that NOVA commercial on GBP about solar power? Whats the name of that piano theme song?

We Answered:

Extreme Ways
by Moby

Grace Said:

What is the song on the Prius solar power commercial?

We Answered:

The song is by Petra Haden, and it's referred to as "Solar" along with the commercial by the same name.

It's not an official track/song that's available anywhere. This is direct from "Denise M." at Toyota USA. So, Petra made this tune "just for Toyota" and you currently can't buy/download it anywhere except with the Toyota words in the track.

Julie Said:

Solar activity and induction of current in commercial power lines.?

We Answered:

Solar flares have been blamed for tripping the protective relays at substations on the ends of transmission lines.

"...scientists indicate that we have entered the peak period for solar flares and solar storms (January through April 2000). These storms could result in ... less reliable electric power."

"Solar flares usually originate from solar active regions also associated with sunspots. Geomagnetic effects from flares occur when the flare accelerates waves of material and radiation energy into interplanetary space away from the sun and toward the earth. This solar wind package travels the 93 million miles through space and can impact the earth's magnetic field.

The earth's magnetic field then undergoes a period of fluctuations. These fluctuations can induce electric currents within conductive material on or near the earth's surface — e.g., ocean salt water, mineral ore and soil, and long utility transmission lines in areas where the ground soil is rocky and highly resistive to current flow. These events are collectively known as geomagnetic disturbances."

see link below for complete article

Cecil Said:

Does london have solar powered commercial boats for public transport? Details please about em?

We Answered:

solar powered?
We're in England love! We GOT no solar power, the sun doesn't exist here hahaha.
I think the only public transport on the thames is tour boats.
But hey, we have this thing called the TUBE. Which is cheaper, faster, and goes everywhere

Leona Said:

How would you advertise a commercial about a phone that is powered by solar energy?

We Answered:

My son has a "Sun Phone"! He lives in Alaska. I don't hear from him for six month! Who--rayyyy! I just love,.. 'Solor Solar Phones".. buy one today... only 99.95 with Obama rebate.

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