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Commercial Solar Panels

Loretta Said:

Australia Climate change - should all new homes and commercial buildings have solar panels?

We Answered:

I live in Melbourne, and I agree with your idea.
New buildings should have a minimum requirement for solar panels, connected to the grid as well as water tanks and grey water systems.
It would also be nice for the govt to assist those who choose to fit solar panels, same as they do for water saving devices.
That would be a good thing to do with some of the budget surpluses.

Benjamin Said:

Do you have any ideas to sell & install solar panels to large commercial buildings?

We Answered:

Generally speaking there three barriers at least here in the Northeast:

1. Unions / Certifications - Currently there are few or no laws on the books on how to deal with alternative energy installs when it comes to being firecode/union certified. This makes for quite the headache for building owners and the conversation dies right there.

2. Cost / ROI - For the northeast it hard to make a case for ROI on a large scale alt energy installation. Despite the high energy cost $.17/KW even the most ambitious estimates put ROI at 15-20 years. Couple that with a lack of true reverse metering and if you can get past reason #1, #2 is another killer.

3. Incentives - Most Federal or State incentives are still immature to spur real acceptance and adoption of alt energy for the commercial sector.

How to spin it:
PR / Going Green - This seems like the best avenue so target buildings that are in the public eye and/or are subject to public opinion.

Layered Benefits - Extra power for commuters to have Plug In or Electric vehicles which attracts better tenants, tax credits, increased property value, shade can lower A/C costs, roof needs replacing anyway, ect, ect. Research your target then lay it on thick.

An uphill battle but worth the effort.

Good luck!

Todd Said:

Who is makes the commercial Solar Panels?

We Answered:…

Besides, you completely fail at using Google.

Mario Said:

if a commercial solar cell array can convert sunlight to an average power?

We Answered:


Let x = the number of square meters required


10/1 = (8760 * 1000)/ x so x = 8760 * 1000 /10 or
x = 876000 square meters.

Hope This Helps!!

Alex Said:

Will ohio pay for solar panels if I want them installed.I saw a commercial that said the goverment can pay?

We Answered:

According to the popular press, I think this may be the incentive you are looking for:…

There is a direct link to the ohio energy office for further investigation.

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