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Business Solar Power

Alexander Said:

Who can build a 100MW Solar Power plant? Business Opportunity.?

We Answered:

you can contact EPC contractors for power plants Black & Veatch.

Marion Said:

how much would it cost to run a business with solar power?

We Answered:

Is the business 1000 sqft office building or a 50,000 sqft building with heavy machinery? After we establish that fact solar power is a great source of alternative energy. The initial layout out cost is to purchase and install the solar panels. If you install enough panels you could actually recieve a monthly check from the electric company as the excess power is sold to the utility company.

Lester Said:

A business name for Solar Power any ideas?

We Answered:

Green Solar Products

Christina Said:

solar powerhow would you start a solar power business?

We Answered:

First a product is designed. Then you get all proper licensing and insurance. If you have money that may allow you to avoid investors. If you don't have money you will need to get financing. Usually from a bank although there are many private investors. Before you approach them you will need a business plan. This will entail your product, manufacturing or production, distribution and marketing. The business plan should also outline projected sales and costs to identify profits. Then its all about getting it off the ground and your in business.

Wendy Said:

How do I go about go about solar power business in AFRICA,?

We Answered:

Your question is WAY TOO BROAD. First, Africa is a continent with 61 countries. So depending on where you want to base your business would alter the means in starting it and dealing with tax and land ownership issues. Secondly, what kind of business are you actually looking at? Were you looking towards energy production and distribution (I'm assuming this)? Or were you looking towards solar panel sales?

So for this to work, you probably won't be able to achieve it on small capital. Why? Solar panels are not produced in Africa to the large part. They are produced by companies based in other countries and produced by companies that are generally large. Also, panels are expensive. To make a viable electric production business, you will need a ton of panels. And these panels are expensive. I don't know an exact figure, but for a solar farm, probably upwards over a $ million. Unless you want to dismantle one million solar calculators.... Here is Kyocera's website They have solar panel production. This way you can find dealers and find the exact price.

Another thing you'll need to worry about is land. You must purchase land in order to start a viable wind farm. This again is restricted to different countries. Some countries may welcome foreign ownership of land, some may require you to be a citizen of that country which may allow dual citizenship or you may need to recind your citizenship you currently have.

So if your actually serious in doing this, you must research a lot more. Seeing how vague your question is, I see that you must do a lot more. Not trying to be negative. First I'd start by researching what country you want to invest in. Some places maybe politically unstable such as Congo, Burundi, Nigeria etc. Some places maybe difficult to invest in or do not have infrastructure that can accomodate your business. Probably the most politically stable and easiest place to start your business would probably be South Africa as it is the most developed and you can easily contact the government there. They have an investor's website and immigration website here...……

Hope this helps. And hope your successful. But please realize any business is tough big or small, or anywhere. I hope your willing to put in a pretty penny to do this. Otherwise this might not work. It probably be cheaper and easier to open this business in your home country .

Ronald Said:

I want to start a solar power business?

We Answered:

windturbine .ca. or call 1 250 738 0309 , the lowest cost in the world, and easy to get franchise, good luck, tell kevin , jim says hi

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