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Building A Solar

Nelson Said:

Where can I read about building solar panels that can convert the energy into electricity?

We Answered:

Try these sites;

Melissa Said:

Is it a good idea to create all the electricity that Australia needs by building solar powered generators in?

We Answered:

I think that's a great idea, but like others said before, solar power is quite inefficient and a large amount of space would be required for such a project. Even though there's a lot more desert than there is densely inhabited space, and there are only 20 million people to provide energy for, it just seems a bit extreme to cover the desert with solar panels. I think it would be better to use solar power along with other energy sources and start a slow transition from these to full solar power once more efficient technology is developed.

Lillian Said:

In tech club were building solar cars for the junior solar sprint, ideas for my car?

We Answered:

I just scanned through the information on the link that you provided and I really can't add anything to that.

At least make it unique with a nice, custom paint job.

Carla Said:

Building a cardboard solar oven for science fair?

We Answered:

They all "really" work. If you are wanting to build one that is a more complected design ,one that is all enclosed with a lid, it might not be the best thing to start out with.
The easiest solar oven is just reflective covered cardboard with a black pot and lid that is placed into an oven bag. I made a roast with this method but I really loved the cinnamon rolls. Very cheep and and I was done in just a few hours. Oh the baking takes several hours to complete.

Dianne Said:

What is the best source for building your own solar panels?

We Answered:

Are you talking photovoltaic panels to make electricity from sunlight. Don't bother making them yourself. Without very specialized equipment you can't make any that will produce a usable amount of power. Leave the manufacturing of solar cells to the pros. If you want to make solar collectors to heat water or your house that's a different story.…
This book should get you started.

Lydia Said:

Building solar panel what is the most effective one and chippest?

We Answered:

Javier, those black painted cans were most likely for a passive collector to get heat from the sun. This is one way of using solar energy. This leads into a vast array of applications. There are units that reflect the sun light into a narrow beam that is a few millimeters thick, but is as long as the reflector is with the light focused on a pipe that carries water, or some other working fluid to where the heated fluid is to be used. If done properly, and safely, you could make water into steam to drive a turbine to make electricity. That, however, requires tracking systems to keep the reflectors pointed at the sun. The best way, least expensive of any, but still will be expensive to set up, is photo=voltiac panels. These absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity. These should be used to charge batteries for the time when the sun is not out, or at night. Within practical limits, your battery bank can not be to big. Trying to make your own photo-voltiac panels is out of the question. Those silican wafers from which the electricity producing panels are made require special manufacturing processes, which unless you are extremely rich, are beyond your means. You will need to buy such panels, and yes, they are expensive. That is out weighed by how long they will last, which barring physical damage, or a high enough reverse voltage applied to them, those panels should last for 20 or more years. Good luck with what you want to do. Begin small and work up to a large system, as large as you need it to be.

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