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Building A Solar Home

Guy Said:

Building a SOLAR PANEL with ebay SOLAR CELLS?

We Answered:

the wattage of your power converter will depend on how much power you want to be able to use at any given time. buy one as big as you can afford, you could always add another converter in parallel later if the first one you buy isn't big enough. the power converter will be used to convert the 12 volts from the batteries into 120 volts to power light, etc. solor panels should produce 12 volts and basically directly connect to the batteries.

Tara Said:

Would this apply for a company building a home with solar panels?

We Answered:

This is an individual incentive. The benefit to a company is they are paid to add this value to the home resulting in increased revenue. It may apply to a new home buyer-buying a new solar panel equipped home,but this is not clear.

Debbie Said:

above ground pool - does anyone have plans for a home built solar heater that works for a small 15 ft pool?

We Answered:

I don't know of any plans but I know people have used old car radiators to do this. Hook them up together and then get a pump to circulate the water. Suck the water out of the top of the pool and put in back in at the opposite end in the bottom.

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