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Build Solar Panels

Keith Said:

how to build solar panels?

We Answered:

There are several types of solar panels. If you mean photovoltaic panels for generating electricity, that is a really advanced project that few amateurs are equipped to do. In the long run, it will be a lot cheaper and easier to buy factory made PV panels.

You can try building one by sandwiching an array of photovoltaic cells between a sheet of glass or plexiglass and a sheet of aluminum. Remember that this assembly must be able to withstand great heat, and it must be sealed to make absolutely sure it does not leak.

So basically, you need to lay out the PV cells and wire them together to get the desired voltage and current, with some arrangement to allow the wires to extend outside without leaking. Then you enclose the panel around all four edges with aluminum channel and seal with silicone sealer. Lay it on thick and test thoroughly with water hoses to eliminate all leaks.

As mentioned, it's easier and cheaper to buy them factory made.

If you mean a heat collector for a solar house heating system or hot water system, that is just a matter of building a thin, flat aluminum box with a glass lid. For hot air, you just need to circulate the air through the box when the sun is shining. For water, you need to have some arrangement to pass the water through the compartment in thin walled metal tubing. You won't be surprised when I say it's cheaper to buy one factory made.

Good luck.

Kent Said:

Anybody knows about all these "Make your own Solar Panels Build Wind Generators", how reliable is it?

We Answered:

There's no way that "home built" system that will generate enough power to run your home "off the grid". That's all hogwash! No wind = no electricity generated. No sun = no electricity generated.

I'm looking into a grid tie solar system. I'm still working out the math for my home. They are expensive ($20k - $50k) before tax credits, but they have been designed by engineers, not back yard, shade tree wanna-be engineers. They will put power into the grid during the day (making your meter run backwards) and you'll draw the power back at night (when there's no sun). This is perfectly legal. It must be installed by power company approved techs. That's how power companies are going to meet their "green energy" mandates for the future. You'll generate power for the power company and get paid wholesale prices for it (during the day). But you'll buy it back at retail (at night)

Rachel Said:

Is it possible to build your own solar panels?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible to build your solar panel.But you must ensure that in your site there is sufficient sunlight and enough space to place the solar panel.There are some guides about how to build solar panel with only $200 budget.Check my source if you want to learn more.

Lydia Said:

is it possible to build solar panels with recycled glass?

We Answered:

It sounds like you're talking about passive solar - windows. Most of the time glass is actually "downcycled" - to use a term from the book Cradle-to-Cradle. With solar panels - photovoltaic (PV) - they use the highest quality products available. They do make one type of PV from glass, but it doesn't have the highest energy conversion rate.

Audrey Said:

I would like to build a solar panel to generate dc. How can I build my own solar panels? Thank you?

We Answered:

You aren't going to get much sun light at night for your solar panel. There are MANY CHEAP nicad battery powered yard lights on the market that use a small solar panel to charge the battery in the day time. They have IR sensors that turn the light on at dusk and off when the sun comes back up. I doubt if you can build one cheaper than you can buy one, if only as a hobby, Edmond's Scientific and Radio Shack sell kits for that use.

Jacob Said:

Has anyone ever tried to build their own solar panels?

We Answered:

My husband purchased a video class on making solar panels, and Im here to tell you I'm glad that he did. With energy so expensive here in the L.A. area, and the days so hot, we've saved over 80% on our electric bills throughout the year. We had an estimate once from a company to cover only 50% of our needs and they wanted over $20,000!! I was shocked. My husband built the whole system for a little under $900 and now we're saving tons of money! The best part, the whole video course is only about $40. Check it out

Enrique Said:

Where is the best place to install solar panels and build a company?

We Answered:

My first question is where are you located? In the US south facing is best. In Australia north facing would work best.

My second question is what type of company? Solar?

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