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Best Solar Panels For Home Use

Sara Said:

How can I use the heat from my fireplace to heat my home? Two story home.?

We Answered:

The best way is if you have a fan at the top of the steps, a ceiling fan, if not somewhere near the steps even in a room close to it make sure you turn it on the opposite way of what it normally runs, there should be a small switch on the base of it just over the light, it will draw in air instead of pushing it down, so it will draw the hot air upstairs that's why it would work best if you have a ceiling fan right at the top of the steps like I do. You could always tilt a regular box fan or something so it is pointing up the steps. It will be a little bit tougher to heat the upstairs depending on how big the house is. If not you will just have to wear a sweater or something upstairs and try to stay downstairs as much as possible.

Hope this helps.

Shawn Said:

$248 mil for furniture for Homeland Security? What are they thinking?

We Answered:


BTW - are you aware that this furniture would not just go to the DHS?

In addition it would go to:
The Coast Guard
Customs and Border Protection
the TSA
Citizenship and Immigration services
the Secret Service
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Federal Law Enforcement training center

So if you divide 248 million by 8 we get $31 million per agency. (Even less when the DHS itself gets their share.) Now lets assume that the government gets a really good deal and can get a complete set of office furniture for $1,500 per employee. This means that each of these agencies can give just over 20,000 employees new furniture.

Rachel Said:

How can I use the heat from my fireplace to heat my two story home? ?

We Answered:

In my house I use corner fans in the entryways leading from my great room where my fireplace is to help disperse the heat.
These are specially designed fans which you affix in the corner of doorways to pull the heat from that room. You will have to put screws into the door frame to hold the fan, but you can use small ones which don't show when the fan is up. position the fan so that it is turning in the direction you want the air to go. Don't put them up so they blow air back into our den!
I found mine in a Sportsmans Guide catalog, but I'm sure you can find them on their website or on eBay. Hope this helps!

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