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Best Price Solar Panels

Toni Said:

please could anyone tell me the cheapest european country to buy solar panels from. indivdual or bulk?

We Answered:

Personally I would buy the best for producing electricty / durability.

I did some research on it last year and came to the conclusion that the cheaper solar panels.. (especially the ones from China) were false economy.

Like Jim DC implies... there are still breakthroughs in solar technolgies to be made... refinements and improvements.... and I decided to wait.

Kathryn Said:

Solar panels: different types? best and why? new technology coming?

We Answered:

Start your research with the reference and work out from there. The newest technologies being deployed now are those using multiple layers to capture light at more than one wavelength, and those using thin films instead of silicon substrates. The former is still too expensive for most applications. The latter is useful for novel applications where a flexible substrate is better than a brittle one. The political and media mania of the last few years has driven photovoltaic research and development to make tremendous improvements in technology and cost. That plus government incentives make it a practical and economic tool for today. Check with your local solar providers, who research the market and choose the best balance of available products to use on new installations.

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radha krishnan said:

I want to purchase 1000 W solar panel for home use. I require solar panel with reasonable price per watt. Please send details along with price.,

thamil said:


kumar said:

i will give u reasonable price per watt 50/Rs