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Advantages Of Solar Panels

Kristen Said:

what is the advantage of using solar panel in tracking instead other alternatives?

We Answered:

Advantage of tracking panels is more input. Negatives include cost and repair of the servos.

Lori Said:

Advantages and Disadvantages of using solar panels?

We Answered:

Solar energy is a renewable energy resource and there are no fuel costs. No harmful polluting gases are produced.

Solar cells are expensive and inefficient, so the cost of their electricity is high.
Solar panels may only produce very hot water in very sunny climates, and in cooler areas may need to be supplemented with a conventional boiler.
Although warm water can be produced even on cloudy days, neither solar cells nor solar panels work at night.

Arthur Said:

What are solar panels made of and what are there advantages and disadvantages?

We Answered:

They're made of wafers of crystalline silicon, and attached wires.
They make pollution free electricity.
Dis- not so good under cloudy skies, expensive.

Calvin Said:

Solar power advantages & disadvantages?? o.O?

We Answered:


-Low Maintenance
-It does't produce carbon dioxide
-The energy source(sun) is free
-Solar power systems do not produce any noise


-Cost a lot of money
-Weather Dependent- efficient solar energy collection is dependent on sunshine
-Solar energy cannot be produced at night
-Takes up land space

Kathleen Said:

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of installing solar panels on your house.?

We Answered:

Advantages - fights global warming, saves having to run a power line to a remote house.

Disadvantages - more expensive (not counting the line) than just using the power plant.

They're mainly used by well off people who don't mind spending money to help the environment, and people who don't want to pay for running a line to a remote house in the country.

Randall Said:

Science homework !!! what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels ?

We Answered:

well don't know too much about them but....

they use a green infinite source of power, the sun
after installing them they are completely cost-effective

i believe they are pretty expensive to initially install
can not harness energy on cloudy days.

that's all i got

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uk dissertation said:

Solar energy should be produced more and more in the national level as it has no harmful effect on the environment. But only thing, the interested people have to pay higher rate at the first time. Solar cell and battery should be replaced after a fix time for getting more powerful electrical power from the solar panel.

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Kartik Sharma said:

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