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Solar Energy Store

Isaac Said:

How do i use and store solar energy?

We Answered:
Hope this helps. :)

Sylvia Said:

ok look i did a science project and then sand stores solar enegry the best why did sand store solar energy the?

We Answered:

Try looking up "Specific heats of materials" for an answer. Good luck!

I'm surprised that water didn't win. Of course, in an open container water cools itself by evaporation.

Sally Said:

what kind of battery to you use to store solar energy?

We Answered:

That will depend on the size of your array (number of panels and current output) and what you usage will be.

Deep cycle batteries will store the most and will last the longest. There are several types, sizes and storage capacity.

Your best source of information will be Solar Companies. Most Retail Battery stores specialize in auto batteries and their info on Solar storage is very limited.

Weeding through tons of information on all the batteries that are out there can get very confusing and time consuming.

Before starting your search find out the Size of your panels in wattage and amp output and what your approximate usage will be. This will determine the size (storage capacity) and number of batteries you will need.

I live full time in my RV and get all my electric from the Sun.

I have 2 135 Watt panels. Together they will produce 270 Watts and 15 amps an hour in good sun.

I have 2 Interstate 2200 6 Volt wet cell (Liquid) golf cart batteries rated at 220 Amp hours of Storage.

On good sun days the batteries will be fully charged by 10 AM.

The key to a successful solar system in a good controller/charger, heavy gauge wire to reduce voltage drop from the panels to the battery bank and proper instillation.

I hope this will be some help.

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