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Solar Energy Slogans

Bruce Said:

Give a Best Slogan for Solar Energy?

We Answered:

Dry your clothes with a fusion-powered reactor today!

Tim Said:

Can you give me a good slogan about solar energy?

We Answered:

Solar energy comes from the sun
Solar energy is lots of fun
Solar energy hot and strong
Soar energy you can't go wrong!

Stella Said:

I need a slogan to promote solar energy!!PLZ help.?

We Answered:

Solar energy. The first step to a brighter future.

Kristin Said:

solar energy slogans?

We Answered:

Solar Energy - For a Brighter Future.

Danielle Said:


We Answered:

Solar - We really can't afford it!

I recently did a study of solar in "The Sunshine State" (Florida) where I live. I took into consideration (1) a 30% rebate from the federal government, (2) state and local sales and property tax exemption.

Even with the government (taxpayers across the country) subsidizing me the solar energy collection system would have to run at peak efficiency for over 25 years with no repairs and no maintenance just to break even compared to projected fossil and nuclear power costs.

The FPL Group is building a CSP plant here in Florida (they already operate 7 of the 9 "working" plants in California). The panels are glass. The collector tubes are glass. Who will pay to replace all this glass after the first hail storm or hurricane?

Solar is not financially viable even in the southwest where solar radiance is twice the rest of the country and humidity is super low. The solar plant FPL will build in Florida is the same design that the bankrupt (1991) company Luz patented in the 1980s.

Current estimates say solar power will be competitive with coal and gas in ten years. In the 1980s the estimate was also 10 years. It's like the sign in the bar that reads "Free beer tomorrow!"

Reginald Said:

cute slogans for Solar Energy?

We Answered:

Take A Walk on the Bright Side of Life
Look on the Bright Side of Life

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swati said:

slogen on solar energy !!!plz

Avni said:

we shoud use solar energy for a brighter earth

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Solar Energy Slogans

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Solar energy would be far more widespread, if it wasn't so costly. Very interesting nonetheless.