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Erica Said:

What is the true motivation behind NBCs green week?

We Answered:

Every corporation is motivated by money.

Maria Said:

Am I on the right track here? I have a little "theory" I'd like an opinion on..?

We Answered:

A nice little theory you have :)

Jamie Said:

Is Everyone ready for Science Riddle Time!?

We Answered:

1. Yes, and yes (With negligible-to-none deceleration). Umm. I have no idea regards to the other question. I've no idea, really.

2. No! The train would travel to the other side because of momentum, stop, reverse direction, travel a smaller distance, stop, reverse, smaller, smaller, smaller, until it reaches a point that it just stays at the core of the earth.

3. Nothing. They won't hit each other... I think. Unless they're vertically aligned. If they're vertically aligned, the two cannonballs will hit the bottom cannon. Or the upper cannonball will hit the lower cannonball which in turn hits the bottom cannon. I don't know. I thought they weren't vertically aligned. :D

Norman Said:

Research? Cant Find...Please Help?

We Answered:

ill bet pbs or discovery has it.

Connie Said:

What do you think about Abu Dhabi, trying to make itself the world's alternative enrergy hub?

We Answered:

This is a good choice and I hope they find some goold alternative energy solutions.

Better the world gets a clean energy technology then the current polluting oil tech.

Most of the gulf countries do get lots of sunlight so it should have been an obvious choice for them long back.

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