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Solar Energy Loans

Tony Said:

If the government is really serious about green energy wouldn't it make sense to subsidize solar power?

We Answered:

Tax Credits will be extended under so called 'stimulus plan' - but will it be 'cost effective'?
Wind, Solar Tax Credits Extended in $700 Billion Bail-Out…
Tax Credits would be the most efficient way to add to our economy - rather than another More obtrusive government Bureaucracy.

Interesting - Don't you think?
Feinstein seeks block solar power from desert land…
There are Already Several Solar Farms in that area = Is Feinstein going for Corruption Money to grant them land usage, like she did giving her 'significant other' government contracts from her committee??!??

Arlene Said:

What are the ups and downs of Solar Energy?

We Answered:

The largest draw back to solar is the cost. It can handle your entire house if you have enough batteries. I helped work on UMR's solar house project and it ran A/C and heat pump, house appliances including dishwasher, also had to keep a electric golf cart charged. Just all depends on how much you can spend. This was all part a competition with the DOE in Washington DC

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