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Solar Energy Installers

Ronnie Said:

what do you call someone who installs energy saving products?

We Answered:

There is no exact official name for this person. There are many companies that install environmentally safe and energy efficient products and solutions. They usually have the word Green or a term that describes what they do.

Rafael Said:

Where can H obtain a list of new graduates of Electric and mechanical engineers w/ E mail Addressess for a?

We Answered:

hi, i am going to recieve a best answer. i can say this wit the utmost certainty because no1 esle is going to respond. i have no idea what u r trying to say. and im not even sure than u passed 2nd grade

Richard Said:

Do you have a NJ solar energy consultant to reccommend?

We Answered:

If trying to decide between different installers, check to see if they are NABCEP certified. NABCEP is an independent agency that certifies installers after they have had training and taken a very difficult test. It ensures they know about the safe, code compliant methods for installs.

If the installation is done to code, there should be no risks that you are taking. Ask for references so you can check up on their business practices, unfortunately, there is no certification for that.

Brian Said:

How and where to make a complaint against a renewable energy installer?

We Answered:

your first redress is to contact the company that installed the unit/s, showing them a copy of the inspection report, they should then correct the defects listed in the report.
if they refuse then the next step is to call in the trading standards, explain the full situation to them and supply them with a copy of the inspection report and they will then be able to advise you as to the next cours of action, they might even take up the complaint for you if there have been other complaints about the company who did your instalation.

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