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Solar Energy Course

Charles Said:

what college major/course leads to career in renewable, alternative energy sources, biofuel, solar energy?

We Answered:

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering.
To focus on development of new energy sources while still in school would normally require graduate studies. An engineering degree with a major tailored to alternative energy would get you in the front door of companies who are working on these things already. Then you could join them and help. Some companies might also consider top physics or chemistry undergrads, if your interests and courses are also tailored towards new energy development. Usually a masters or doctorate in those sciences are what they want.

Curtis Said:

Which University and what type of engineering course provides knowledge on solar energy?

We Answered:

Talk with a counselor who will learn more about you, and the kinds of things you like to do and can do well. They can help direct you toward the part of the field where you can best contribute. Solid state and semiconductor physics, materials research, electrical engineering, systems design, customization, marketing, manufacturing, installation, or maintenance.

Ruby Said:

why is solar power the best course of energy?

We Answered:

Solar energy is the energy radiating form the sun that humans have learned to harness and use to power numerous things. You may have heard of solar panels for houses. These are panels that are used as a power source for houses as opposed to an electrical system. But a lot of houses use both.

The thing is solar energy is abundant. Why because the sun is always there and always giving off it's heat and energy. Once solar energy is converted it's uses are practically unlimited. Applications of solar energy include: space heating and cooling through solar architecture, potable water via distillation and disinfection,daylightingting, hot water, thermal energy for cooking, and high temperature process heat for industrial purposes.

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