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Solar Energy And How It Works

Pearl Said:

how does a solar inverter works?

We Answered:


Either get Solar Inverter from DA Surya Shakti Mumbai

or get a solar Panels and charge controller which can charge the battery for you.,.
You Will need a small modification in existing inverter.

Jerry Said:

solar energy water heater how it works?

We Answered:

Solar heaters consist of a 1) thermal heat collector and an 2) Insulated tank (to retain hot water).

The basic principle is extremely simple. Sunlight falls on the heat collector which contains copper tubings thru which water flows. The water in tubes gets heated and goes into the tank as hot water, while cold water from inlet gets into the collector.
The process continues when sunlight falls and heats up the collector.
At night hot water stays hot in insulated tank.
This is the cheapest and easiest way to get hot water, and the efficiency is more than 70%.

Terry Said:

explain me about working of scientific calculator using solar energy when battery power is down?

We Answered:

when batt not available the triac is used so the base power switches to solar cell and there if it gets energy it emmitts power to 7-segment and again ur calc is on solar batt. when u replace battreis again the triac actives through batt power.

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