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How To Use Solar Energy

Shirley Said:

how do we use solar energy to gain energy?

We Answered:

heat is a form of energy na ,the light from the sun is captured by the solar panels and this panel is connected to a solar light having a storage battery in it then while we wanted it for use just on the light after removing the connection b/w the panel & the light the energy stored is converted to heat energy and which makes the bulb to glow , thusby using the solar energy to spread light in our home.THANKU

Viola Said:

How can I use Solar energy?

We Answered:

1. Skylights are very popular in the roofs of homes or buildings. This will reduce the need for lights in the buildings.

2. Solar hot water heaters are very popular. The most efficient is the thermosiphon solar hot water system because it uses not moving parts or electricity.

3. Photovoltaic panels to make electricity only when the sun is out. This is very expensive now but in time the cost may come down.

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