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How Is Solar Energy Used

Franklin Said:

How is solar energy used to offset regular energy like coal,oil,and gas?

We Answered:

Solar energy (from solar panels) converts sunlight into electricity. Solar arrays (massive groups of solar panels) can be used to produce energy on an industrial scale, but the average solar panel is still expensive and produces very little power. However these solar arrays can be attached to the power grid like a normal power plant.
Coal fired power plants are currently the primary fuel used to produce electricity in the US. There are also a very few oil/gas plants used to produce power. Solar panels can be placed on very light weight vehicles (like bikes) as a primary power source. However since the power produced from a solar panel is pretty small, you will never see a viable commercial solar powered SUV in the next 15 years.

Ana Said:

How is solar energy being used today?

We Answered:

Not only cars and calculators, they are used in a variety of fields. They are used in transportation signalling like light houses, aircraft warning lights and road traffic warning signals. Moreover in remote places where energy supply is unavailable, solar energy is used. It is also used in home appliances like solar cookers and solar water heaters. Solar cells are used in electricity supply. In addition solar batteries can also be used which could store power generated from the sun and discharge the power as needed(through an inverter).

Tracey Said:

how is solar energy used in power plants?

We Answered:

Solar Energy as Power Plants good idea, and have been done the issue is the cost. It becomes very expensive when compared to the other generation source.

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