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Solar Roof Panels

Herbert Said:

In what direction do solar panels have to face and what part of a roof do they have to be on?

We Answered:

around here, there's overcast more often in the morning, than the rest of the day.
in that case, you'd want them to face south, and a little west, to catch more of the afternoon sun.
as to what part of the roof, the part that's not under a tree. :)
(i have a nice south facing roof, over my garage, that's at just the right angle, that's shaded much of the day by my neighbor's trees. and he really likes those trees.)

Sheila Said:

is it safe for my health to have solar panels installed over my bedroom's roof?

We Answered:

Solar panels are installed in homes and business all the time with no health effects that I have heard of.

I work for a general contractor and right now we are building a "Green Building" with solar panels. The panels collect solar energy and transfer the energy through regular electric cabling down to a breaker. Just like how the electricity comes off the street into your house.

They do not emit any exhaust or radiation. And you are conserving energy to help the environment! :)

What are you planning to power with the panels?

Take a look at this website with FAQ's about panels:…

Good Luck! :)

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