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Solar Rechargeable Battery Charger

Ross Said:

a few electronics questions!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

1. You can charge it with a DC supply, if you have a transformer with a secondary of more than 6 volts and some rectifiers, and the proper resistor to limit the current. The 6 volt solar panel won't work, you need at least 7-8 volts. BUT, without a reliable means of detecting the state of the charge of the battery, you run the risk of overcharging it and damaging it. There are lots of articles on charging lead acid batteries on the internet, read a few of them.

2. need more details. What kind of output.

3. They can lower voltage or current or both or neither, it depends on the circumstances and how they are used.


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We want a DC recharger for the solar panel.

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Battery Charger for solar panel is very important. said:

Today the latest technology is in the market and the number of peoples are using the solar system at their house to fulfill the energy crisis.

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Connect the DC supply with the battery of solar cells. said:

Well answered. I was looking for a solar panel for my home. How much watt is needed for 2BHK house.

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There are lots of articles on charging lead acid batteries on the internet, read a few of them.

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You also need DC supplier for the solar panel. said:

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