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Solar Power Kits

Juanita Said:

If you were stuck on the moon...?

We Answered:

10) Box of matches
14) Food concentrate
9) 50' of nylon rope
8) Parachute silk
7) Portable heater
15) Two .45 caliber pistols
4) One case of dehydrated milk
1) Two 100lb tanks of oxygen
2) Stellar map
12) Self-inflating life raft
13) Magnetic compass
3) Five gallons of water
11)Signal Flares
6) First Aid Kit, Including Injection Needle
5) Solar powered FM receiver-transmitter

Deborah Said:

Dynamo kit?

We Answered:


What is the voltage of the lights? Perhaps 6 volts? The dynamo has to put out enough voltage to charge the batteries, in the 6 volt case, you would need at least 8 volts. Put a power rectifier (1 amp should be enough) between the generator and the battery to prevent the generator from discharging the battery when it is not turning.

The same thing with the solar cell, it needs to put out 8 volts and you should put a diode between the cell and the battery for the same reason. But, as another answer says, getting any energy is going to be difficult, as how do you align the cell with the sun when you are moving.

Lillian Said:

Homework Help, fairly simple.?

We Answered:

Well you always wanna make sure you have food and stuff first so you can survive. Then you want to make sure you have everything you need to save yourself. Then lastly other stuff that isn't entirely needed but helpful.

1. 8
2. 12
3. 2
4. 13
5. 1
6. 5
7. 9
8. 11
9. 15
10. 14
11. 10
12. 5
13. 10
14. 3
15. 6

somewhere around there. :) and i hope the friend suggestion i gave you before worked. :)

Marcus Said:

Would you buy a "green kit"? Includes....?

We Answered:

As an individual, no I would not buy it. However I can see something like this being marketed to conferences or green businesses looking to do promotions. They could just buy a few hundred kits at a time.

I would add more information to each kit. Things to educate people on the benefits of living green, how to spot fake green products, different how-to's such as "how to reduce the impact on the planet."

I think including educational material with an kit you put together will have a more resounding impact than just products alone. Perhaps even kits that have specific purposes like reducing your water bill or making recycling easier.

Joel Said:

Stranded on the moon for 7 days?

We Answered:

Box of matches No oxygen to sustain flame, virtually worthless 15
Food concentrate Efficient means of supplying energy requirements 4
Fifty feet of nylon rope Useful in scaling cliffs, tying injured together 6
Parachute silk Protection from sun's rays 8
Solar-powered portable heating unit Not needed unless on dark side 13
Two .45 caliber pistols Possible means of self-propulsion 11
One case of Pet milk Bulkier duplication of food concentrate 12
Two 100-pound tanks of oxygen Most pressing survival need 1
Stellar map (of the moon's constellations) Primary means of navigation 3
Self-inflating life raft CO2 bottle in military raft may be used for propulsion 9
Magnetic compass Magnetic field on moon is not polarized; worthless for
navigation 14
5 gallons of water Replacement for tremendous liquid loss on lighted side 2
Signal flares Distress signal when mother ship is sighted 10
First-aid kit injection needles Needles for vitamins, medicines, etc., will fit special aperture in NASA space suits 7
Solar-powered FM
receiver-transmitter For communication with mother ship; but FM requires
line-of-sight transmission and short ranges 5

These are the correct answers, I did this is class one time.

Gordon Said:

Survival items on the Moon?

We Answered:

take your visa card. for some reason i have yet to figure out, nobody on teh moon takes american express.

the nightlife is terrible. there is no atmosphere.

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