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Solar Power Generator

Patrick Said:

Is 2 watts enough to power a HHO generator?

We Answered:

To run your car on hydrogen and oxygen you would need more energy than your car produces in the first place. This is because of the inefficiency of the engine and the inefficiency of producing these elements from water through electrolysis.

So you are right to think of adding energy. A solar cell is a clean way to do this. But you have to be realistic in your goals. This set up is not going to produce very much gas but it would be possible to figure out exactly how much and what this will do for you. At 12v your output of 2w means the system is producing about .167amps, not very much.

An additional problem would be to keep the solar panel oriented properly if you intend to use this set up in a moving vehicle. Most solar photovoltaic panels you can buy are only 8 to 20% efficient. When the sun is striking the panel at an angle this can drop off significantly.

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