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Solar Power Energy

Katherine Said:

Is it technologically possible by now to deploy a solar power,space based energy weapon(say lasers).?

We Answered:

It would be awfully expensive and probably highly illegal, but yeah, there's no good reason you couldn't build such a device. The closest thing we have right now is a laser cannon mounted on a modified Boeing 747 airliner, designed to shoot down ballistic missiles over ranges of a few hundred kilometers (and it has been tested successfully):…
Unfortunately, the YAL-1 laser itself is powered by chemical fuel, and the airplane only carries enough 'ammunition' for a few dozen laser shots. However, with some engineering tweaks you could probably build a gas laser powered by sunlight that could achieve power equal to or better than the YAL-1 without having to use chemical fuel. Like I say, it would be incredibly expensive to design, build and launch. But there's no reason it couldn't be done in principle and with more or less current technology.

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Matthew said:

How can be a "laser weaponry" highly illegal? There is no such thing as illegal weapons- as long as they are produced and developed by any government. I wouldn't expect any "star wars" like arms to be developed in the near future - laser guns might look impressive but won't probably be useful and profitable.