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Solar Panels Uk

Rick Said:

New proposals for green homes?

We Answered:

I totally agree. After sinking over $1200 into trying to keep heat and hot water in a tiny little mobile home in less a month's time, I decided to look into finding more efficient ways to keep things going in the winter. It's outrageous how expensive it is! The houses themselves are usually well over $10,000 more, just for the energy efficiency "label". And if you try to convert your home, it's just as bad, if not worse. Sure, the government will give you a tax break of up to $2000 per year to convert your home, but who has that type of money lying around (surely not those of us being ripped off by the electric and propane companies!). And besides, that $2000 tax break doesn't even cover the cost of the special equipment you need (energy storage unit), let alone the cost of the solar panels,,,

Doesn't seem to make sense, does it? Those of us who need the break in bills are the ones who can't afford it. I hate when people say "You'll pay three times more than what you're paying now to finish the conversion, but it will save you more in the long run!" Yeah, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Just not heat our homes, cook our kids' dinner, bathe...bathe our laundry, dishes, etc?

It's all stupidity, if you ask me. All it does is give higher income people more reason to snub the "lower class". "Well, if they were educated enough to care about the environment like we do..." It's disgusting.

Sheila Said:

Are engineers [applied science] assembling a forceful new perspective on philosophy?

We Answered:

It's been here all the time. The answers change,but the perspective has been around a long time.
Ptolemy was wrong, but he gave the best guess he could and was a very competent observer.
Archimedes was very pragmatic.
Descartes wrote that we should find out about what is, rather than asking what the classics said about it.
There have been highly competent engineers throughout history. Their answers weren't always what we consider right, but they designed stuff that served well for centuries.

Warren Said:

Which is a better gift idea?

We Answered:

Wow, both are those gifts are pretty sweet. Personally, I liked the first one better. It just seems like he would get a lot more use of the first one. But, the second one is still a very nice present. Both seem like they would suit him well (from what you speak of him)

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