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Solar Panels Electricity

Louise Said:

Where can I read about building solar panels that can convert the energy into electricity?

We Answered:

you have to buy them, you can't build them, it takes esoteric chemicals and processes.

Google searches the entire internet, including college sites.

Terry Said:

How do Solar Panels work?

We Answered:

That is a question involving the atomic make up of the material used in panels. "I wanted to know exactly how solar panels generate electricity using the sun? "
To put it in the simplest terms. Solar panels create electron movement (electricity) when a photon (particle or wave of light) strikes an atom in the panel. Because of the material's atomic make up, each atom is able to absorb the energy from photon, loosing an electron in trade. Any atom that is struck, absorbs that photon's energy and that extra energy knocks a electron out of it's orbit, disassociating it from it's atom. As sunlight showers on the surface of a panel you now have two things. First you have a bunch of atoms that have extra energy and are missing one electron each giving them a positive charge. Second you have a bunch of free electrons that are negatively charged. The difference between them is called electric potential. Provide a pathway between these two regions and you get electron flow, which is called electricity. SS

"Is it possible to make a mini solar panel?"
As in small? Yes and they do but remember it's the amount of combined energy from individual photons that determines the amount of electricity. As you have more surface area you are able to collect more photons, giving more electricity. SS

Earl Said:

would the use of solar panels as an electricity source conserve the levels of oxygen in earth's atmosphere?

We Answered:


There is no measurable loss of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. But there is a 35% increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

When a person is sealed in an air tight room, they eventually suffocate not because they use up the oxygen but because they poison themselves with the carbon dioxide they exhale. When the person finally suffocates there is almost as much oxygen in the room as in the outside air, but there is a lot more carbon dioxide in the room.

Solar panels make electricity without burning any fuel and without releasing any carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere.

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