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Solar Panels Cost

Terry Said:

how much does it cost to put up solar panels for a school?

We Answered:

Solar panels typically cost between $7 and $10 per watt. And you usuallly get about 125 to 150 watts per square meter.

So assuming that we could use 80% of your schools roof, it would produce roughly 30kW (at peak performance) and would cost about a quarter of a million dollars, US. Assuming that you get 4 peak hours of sun per day (which is roughly average for the US) and your electricity cost 12 cents a kWh, you'll save about $5,200 per year.

These numbers are very very rough, but they should give you a place to start. Hope this helps.

Stephanie Said:

How much does a solar panel cost?

We Answered:

This depends on the system used, and the application (home or industrial). For a typical home application, the PV (photo voltaic) would be a 2,000 KW system with a street cost of $20,000 USD including installation.

In the State of Oregon, you would get a $4,500 instant rebate, meaning you would actually pay $15,500. An Oregon tax credit would return $6,000 more to you (the cap is currently $6,000), and the Federal rebate (available throughout the US) would return another $2,000 (that is the cap as well).

This would make the final cost of the system $7,500 in Oregon. Other states have credits as well. The credits are based on the need for states to control their rising energy costs, and they come out ahead by funding these systems.

Keep in mind that a solar water heater (which does not involve PV, but still uses the sun) would save 2,200 KWh/yr and cost $8,000 installed, but after all credits would cost only $3,800 in Oregon (about $2,120 is saved due to Oregon credits). This is a much lower price (about half!), but has about as much environmental benefit as the PV system.

Both options are fantastic environmentally, and save money for you if you will own the home for several years (5-15 depending on the amount you spend). In the case of solar water systems, the cost has been shown to be directly equal the increase in percieved value of the home, so even if you sold the home prior to the return on investment for energy saved, you would come out ahead.

Calvin Said:

How much would it cost to cover one side of the wall in solar panels?

We Answered:

Putting solar panels on the wall would not be a good idea. The angle of the panel is not good for capturing the sun straight on. It would be 90 degrees, the best performance in NYC is 40 degrees. You'd also loose any natural light and solar heat gain by blocking the windows, and need to use more power to make up for it. The roof or ground is the best place for solar panels.

Solar heating is an excellent solution to help save money, many heating systems can be integrated with solar water heating to provide up to 50% the heat.…

But to answer the question, you can get solar panels around $40 a sqft, or about $2.75 a watt.…

The best way to be green and save money is to use less energy! Conserve conserve conserve.

Discuss It! said:

Hmm, I have been wanting to get solar panels installed at my place because it gets really frustrating to work fro at times. This options seems pretty feasible in the long run and an analysis of thee costs here makes the choice easier. IT was utterly nice of you to have shared this info, thanks!