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Solar Panel Price

Adrian Said:

Can you go solar without the high cost.?

We Answered:

As soon as you put a load on the DC motor you’ll use up more electricity then you make, sorry.

Way back when, in my science class we had a very small generator and connected to the generator was several small lights and a few switches, anyone could turn the generator when there were no lights on, but with one light it was very hard to turn the generator, with two lights one only the biggest guys could turn it, and no-one could turn it with three lights one. Too many people have turned a generator/alternator with no load on it and think that’s how much energy it takes all the time, but when you want power from it takes more energy.

If what you are wanting to try worked you wouldn’t need the solar panels at all, you would take the power from the batteries to run the DC motor which would turn the alternator and charge the batteries and have power leftover. It’s been tried and it doesn’t work.

The first law of thermodynamics basically states the best you can do is break even.

The second law basically states you can’t even break even.

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