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Solar Panel Power System

Amy Said:

I have a solar panel and need a motor to make a prototype of a pump, what motor can my solar panel power?

We Answered:

That is a big solar panel.

The 44.9 volt output means you should use a 48 volt or 50 volt motor, unless you want to regulate the voltage to a lower level. The problem is that voltage is available only in very bright sun. You may get only half or less than that under winter conditions.

The power rating on the motor can be anything smaller than the 185 watt rating, but again, you will get a lot less under less than optimal conditions.

If the power output of the motor isn't important, I'd get something smaller like a 24 volt 50 watt motor. You can put in some series power resistors to lower the voltage.

Best would be if you measure the voltage output of the panel under typical conditions for your location and time of year.


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