Solar Inverter Charger

Bernice Said:

can charge two leisure 12 v batteries in parallel?

We Answered:

You can, but it will take twice as long to charge the batteries. The charging current from the solar supply will be divided between the two batteries. You don't save any time if that's what you're trying to do. If you just want to connect the batteries so you don't have to switch them when one is charged, then this will do that for you.

Nancy Said:

is it possible to make a pedal bike and car alternator to charge the 12 v DC 200 Ah?

We Answered:

Just use a gear reduction method. The smallest pulley on the alternator will make it spin the fastest. I know what you mean by hard to turn once power is applied.
Try using a 10 speed or 15 speed bike and I would imagine you could get it spinning easier, then up-shift the bike to a higher speed and so on and momentum would take over. Maybe even try a little weight as close to the pedals as possible on the crank of the bike or the wheel or however you think to keep momentum up to rest/coast while the alternator keeps spinning.

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