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Solar Chargers For Car Batteries

Laura Said:

Can you put your feedback on this interesting problem?

We Answered:

I appreciate.....but from my point of view....HYBRID cars would be more appropriate in comparison to electric cars for the states of India.HYBRID cars run on both gasoline and electricity...While driving on gasoline and braking...its battery gets charged...and when the battery is can run it on the battery.......These cars are quite expensive but once launched, they would be more successful than electric cars in India......Just imagine that you are driving in your electric car and you need to drive a long route where there is lack of electricity, power-cut,so and so.....(Normal in India) would you manage to get your electric car charged......So....HYBRID cars would be a good option if you wish to control pollution and reduce excess consumption of fuel.............See Ya!!

Discuss It! said:

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hotmail said:

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