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Solar Charger Laptop

Lee Said:

I want to use a laptop while in Kenya this summer. Can anyone suggest an effective solar charger?

We Answered:

im not sure what the speed of this technology is and how far it has reached in terms of usability, i mean i dont see a lot of people in london with solar chargers even though there is a lot of attnetion being given to saving the environment and the world

if you need ur laptop to be ur better of with an electric charger. although knowing kenya's lack of electricity supply at times, i think the sun is more reliable, lol

Naomi Said:

Is the charger tip for Alienware laptops the same as the ones for Dell laptops? (Solar/Powergorilla-related)?

We Answered:

NO. Don't take that risk. If it doesn't work, it'll will ruin the laptop.

Milton Said:

A universal solar charger for psp, Nokia 5530, mp3 player, laptop and etc?

We Answered:

It will cost you a few hundred to buy and install a system, and after a while you have to replace the battery set and solar panels.

Quickly, you might want a 50W panel, about $250 , charge controller $75, battery $150-$200, inverter $50-$100, wiring, $100-$150.

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Kariuki Waweru said:

Lee: We now have solar Laptop chargers in Kenya. email power at resourcefulintellect dot com