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Small Solar Panel

Norman Said:

How much electricty does a solar panel charage (small)?

We Answered:

1 watt to a few watts (joules per second) in full sunlight. The combination of volts and amps that produce that couple watts depends on how many cells are connected in series. (figure about a third of a volt per cell).


John Popelish

Travis Said:

can you run a closed circuit with a small solar panel and a small motor?

We Answered:

I have a panel about the size of a computer screen that charges my car battery while the radio is playing (plugs into the cig lighter). I've torn an old computer apart and it ran one of those fans fine, wires from the panel right to the fan. I'd suggest an easier way though- cut a small hole in top of the house, maybe the size of a 2" pvc pipe. Stick a pipe down it and put some type of small roof over the top of the pipe so no rain comes down it. The hot air will go up the pipe and draw cooler air in through the door.

Theodore Said:

How To Make A Small Solar Panel?

We Answered:

You can buy small ones from Radio Shack and places like that.

Louise Said:

Using a small solar panel - problems?

We Answered:

The solar panel has a large internal resistance and cannot deliver much current.
If you measure the short-circuit current with a meter then you can calculate this resistance using V=IR

Terry Said:

I want to convert a small fan to a solar panel, what is the best way.?

We Answered:

Your statements are confusing.

you can't convert a fan to a solar panel. I think you want to run the fan from the solar panel.

A lot depends on the ratings of the fan and the solar panels in volts and amps. But take out the battery and connect one of the panels to the battery terminals and see what happens (need sunlight).

If it turns, but slowly, you need to use a bigger panel, or several of them in series or parallel. Whether to hook them up in series or parallel depends on the ratings i mentioned above.

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