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Cynthia Said:

what are the features of APPLE IPOD Shuffle?

We Answered:

there is no features all u can do with it is listen to music and dats all

Billy Said:

How long should I charge a new motorcycle battery that was left accidentally on?

We Answered:

You do not want to rapid charge it at a high setting.
Doing that will result in short battery life.
Use the 2 amp setting.
Most motorcycle batteries are in the 10AH range.
What that means to you - you will have a full charge in approx. 4-5 hours at 2 amps.

Sherry Said:

I need help with charging a 12v battery???????/electric motor scooter?

We Answered:

Use the 10 amp setting for a good hard charge- if it has a meter on it you will notice that the amps will drop as it gets more charged. You probably have enough power to illuminate the green lite (volts) but not enough reserve (amps) in the battery to power the motor. Let the battery fully recharge before trying it again- it is better for everything (batteries, motors, relays etc) From the sound of it , I would let it charge 24 hours to let the battery get max life. The 2 amp setting is a good trickle charge that lets you keep it on there for extended periods when you are not using the scooter for an extended time. Check your battery water level if the tops of the cells can be opened. Do not let it splash you. The cells should be covered

Marc Said:

Can I use my camera battery's COMPACT charger in Europe?

We Answered:

The charger has a universal input, meaning anything from 100 to 240 volts is OK and 50 or 60 Hz is OK too. They may not want you to use power converters, since some of them may distort the AC wave. You should not use a converter, just plug it in directly to the available power. This should work just fine. You may need to get a plug adapter (not a converter) to fit the wall receptical in a particular country.

Nathan Said:

Can a 12v sealed lead battery be charged with a standard charger?

We Answered:

Yes. It'll be fine. Use the "trickle charge" facility if it has that.

Read that, and ignore the "No" answers. They are wrong.

Kathleen Said:

My Verizon cell phone got wet and won't turn on unless it is plugged into the charger. New battery?

We Answered:

If you plug in your phone without the battery and it turns on and works perfectly then it's probably your battery. It could possibly be a problem with the battery connectors in your phone. They should be 4 clean and shiny gold coloured square pad like things. Pretty small. If they're not clean and shiny and gold coloured then your battery connectors might be messed up but yes it sounds like it's most likely just your battery. There was good advice above though. As soon as your phone gets wet you should take out the battery (in almost all cases the phone doesn't break from getting wet until the battery remains in and the phone is turned on at which point the battery can short circuit and fry your phone) and put the battery and phone in a bowl of dry rice. (In separate bowls of dry rice if you can but if not as long as they're not close together it should be fine. Just for future reference.

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