Mobile Phone Charger Battery

Jeffrey Said:

What mobile phone accessory would add the most value to the product?

We Answered:

I'd take the Spare battery or maybe the Leather case.

Joan Said:

I've got a 2 year old O2 X1B mobile phone . Now getting "battery too cold" when I try to recharge it.

We Answered:

Try contacting o2. They will tell you if you can get the battery and where.

Gerald Said:

What do the contacts on a mobile phone battery represent?

We Answered:

Why don't you use the phone charger? It is possible that the battery has a chip to manage the charge. Why not use a basic lithium rechargeable from the hardware store?

Anita Said:

Nokia 6233 Mobile Phone Restarts, Turns off, No reception and the sound stuffs up. Is it the battery?

We Answered:

nokia as been known to do that what you should do is let the battery get to one to two bars and then recharge if this does not work upgrade to a motorola

Agnes Said:

Why does my Fly slt100 mobile phone not turn on or charge?

We Answered:

WTF take it back to the shop where u got it from

Gary Said:

t-mobile dash. battery or phone problem?

We Answered:

Based on what you just said, it sounds like the hardware and the motherboard on the phone is completely malfunctioning! If you have a warranty for the phone, it should be covered. I really don't see why they're saying that they can't do anything about the problem. The only thing I suggest you do differently is call T-Mobile. Don't go to the store again because they will just tell you a bunch of stories. I really am sorry about your problem, and I hope that it is resolved soon.

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