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Laptop Solar Power

Wilma Said:

What comonponents would I need to power my laptop via solar? My laptop is 1.5 amps?

We Answered:

This is one of the better solar chargers.

Becky Said:

How big of a solar power setup do i need to be able to run a laptop & a 60w low energy light bulb constantly?

We Answered:

If your laptop power consumption is considered as 50W and T5 Tube Light of 28W are considered to be used day and night(which means 24hrs),you require appx. 2000Wh Energy and considering 3days autonomy(to even work for 3 non-sun shine days),you may require as 100% solar power generating system which may cost around Rs.3Lakhs and if 50% solar and 50% hybrid system can cost Rs.2.5Lkahs(hybrid system is recommended provided average wind speed in your location is more than 2.5metres per second)

If you can check exact power consumption of your laptop(or let know the model number and make) and also let know your interest to use energy efficient LED Lighting,so as power consumtion can be brought down and hence solar/solar&wind sysetm cost....please feel free to contact me on +91 92464 75056 or

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