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How To Build Solar Panels

Samuel Said:

Liberals, how can we decrease our dependence on oil if Wacko enviormentalists wont let us?

We Answered:

The Liberals/Progressives do not worry about actually getting the nation away from oil and fossil fuels, instead they are simple supporters of feel good bull****.

Regardless of what solar does to turtles, or wind machines do to birds.....they will never be a significant means to energy, and will not even make a slight dent in our dependence on fossil fuels. That is no secret.

What wind and solar do do though is give simpletons butterfly feelings in their stomach. Apparently a reason to spend hundreds of billions of dollars (perhaps trillions) on complete nonsense, that we already know will fail to have any impact before we have even begun.

Nuclear energy is the only, singular, means to significantly decrease our dependency on fossil fuels....and they do not wish to discuss it.

Makes you think they do not believe the crap that flows from their own mouth about the environment huh?

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