High Power Solar Charger

Stacey Said:

Diode and Rectifier Help?!?

We Answered:

The simplest solution by far is to just get another 18 v panel and hook them together. Converting 0.5 v to 18 v is not going to be efficient or cost effective.

If you are constrained to do this cheaply, just use the one solar panel an live with longer charging times.

Lewis Said:

Diode and Rectifier Help?!?

We Answered:

solar cells are DC, there is no need for rectification.

You do need a single diode in series if you put them in series. Sometimes a diode is already inside one of the panels, you should check your documentation.

If not, add one diode, with enough current rating to handle the highest current either one could deliver, and a reverse voltage rating higher than either one could deliver. In practice, a 1N4003 rated at 200 volts and 1 amp would work. Put the diode in series with either panel.


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