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Free Solar Panels

Amanda Said:

Poem about free heat and air for the world and transportation to?

We Answered:

Good Morning!
Do you want a poem about this, or is this it?
I saw thousands of solar panelled homes, churches, company buildings in Colorado, but not so much in Arizona...go figure that one!
Unfortunately, the solar panels would have to be so large to justify what you're saying, that it may be unfeasible. And, those batteries the power is stored in, would take much additional space.
But, I'm a campaigner for solar panels in Louisiana! We have more sunny days than cloudy ones!

Annette Said:

Government Scheme Help Needed!?

We Answered:

you can find the video on YouTube.

Discuss It!

write my essay please said:

Some government provide the free solar panel to the common public for electricity while computers are important in today’s education, lack of finances may prohibit some students from owning one simply because they cannot afford. This puts the students at a disadvantage because they are not able to keep tap with their network unlike the others. Hence the government should look into this financial issue more seriously.

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