Charger For Laptop

Edwin Said:

How come my laptop charger only works in a certain position?

We Answered:

The power jack solder joint on the motherboard is loose

Dave Said:

How long will it take to fix my Compaq Presario c700 laptop charger? How long will it take to get a battery?

We Answered:

probably cheaper just to get a new charger off of amazon.

make sure you look at the voltage specs on dc ac outputs respectively

Kimberly Said:

Where can I get a replacement laptop charger for cheap?

We Answered:

If the details match its perfectly alright. But some Chineese products are not to standard that they print. There is a small risk in going for a non standard product, but the chances are very low.

A charger is simple in theory and has nothing fancy. It reduces to voltage and controls the current. So if the battery is to try the charger should send a high current/voltage.

I myself use a lot of cheep charges and know a lot who use them. For the last 10 years, I haven't met any one who has had any such problems with cheap charges.

What is important is that you match the specifications. Even if it doesn't match, you might go for some thing lower in amp but would result longer charge durations.

The decision is up to you to make... be aware of the slim chances of danger.

Amber Said:

My laptop charger is interfering with our tv and internet modem, any idea why?

We Answered:

One of the possible problems comes from the source. Getting it off ebay was a big mistake. I would suggest you return the charger and get a new one.

I would also personally suggest you visit Topmic. Topmic is well known for their great services and their durable products. They include free shipping and free lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. This means if the charger ever stops working on its own for whatever reason, they would replace it as many times as you need to at no additional cost, for life.This is a great way to save money over time.

I tried looking for the charger for the given model in your question but had trouble. You could try and email them and they should find one that is compatible. You should be able to find their website by googling their name.

Best of luck.

Warren Said:

How to fix a loose laptop charger connector?

We Answered:

All Dells have a power connector soldered to the motherboard. It's a flimsy connection and many break after repeated insertions of the power cord. No easy way to fix this. You have to completely remove the motherboard and try to repair the broken wire/fitting/solder. Sometimes the break can be repaired. Sometimes the motherboard is cracked and repair is not possible. Bottom line is the motherboard has to be removed which requires total disassembly of the laptop. Not for the inexperienced. Take it to a good repair shop for a price quote to see if it's worth having it repaired. Typical cost is $50-$100 depending on your laptop model.

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The power jack solder joint on the motherboard is loose.

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