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Building Solar Panels

Mattie Said:

Are there solar panels on the White House and Capitol building?

We Answered:

No Reagan took them down instead of repairing them or updating. Carter even had plan to get us off foreign oil by 2000, what a crazy idea right?

Emma Said:

Does the pentagon have Solar Panels?

We Answered:

Why not just write them and find out?

As for other Federal buildings in the U.S. write here -

Nelson Said:

Spray for Solar Panels?

We Answered:

"reflective window tint" keeps energy out. that's definitely not what you want.

typically, fiberglass is not clear. i don't think that's what you want to use.
are you thinking of hot water, or electricity.
they're really different.
hot water is relatively easy.
electricity is not.

Discuss It!

essay writing services uk said:

Solar panels demands is very vast and it's the best option to decrease energy crisis. Solar panel reduce the problem of person that was facing electricity issue.