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Solar Panels China

Hazel Said:

solar powered plane can control it via computer looking for a partner?

We Answered:

good luck

Nellie Said:

How much will our electric bills go up when we start using the "green" technology like solar panels?

We Answered:

It will be phased in. The set up will cost more but in the long term it will cost less.

To Ted above me; Cigarette costs? WTF does that have to do with electric bills?

Phyllis Said:

Financial collapse of unprecedented magnitude?

We Answered:


"All of the federal government's efforts to stem the tide of the financial meltdown have added hundreds of billions of dollars to an already staggering national debt, a sum that is expected to double over the next 10 years to more than $23 trillion. In Ten Trillion and Counting, FRONTLINE traces the politics behind this mounting debt and investigates what some say is a looming crisis that makes the current financial situation pale in comparison"

Crystal Said:

Where exactly are Obama's Green Jobs going to come from?

We Answered:

He is creating thousands of jobs in China and India.

Sheesh. Everyone is so demanding!

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