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Solar Cell Diagram

Marc Said:

what will be the size of a solar cell (3V)?

We Answered:

To achieve a specific voltage, you just need to add enough solar cells in series, about 1v per cell. The area of the cells will be determined by the required current for the application.

Daniel Said:

can any body give me steps on how photvoltaic solar cells?

We Answered:

The Photovoltaic solar cells do not convert the DC to AC. The output from the solar cells is DC power. The conversion is done with with an "inverter", which converts the DC to AC.

I will attach some web links below:………

Kathryn Said:

what is the schematic diagram of solar cells?

We Answered:…

Tracey Said:

How many Recheargable batteries would I need to run 24 LEDs through two 6v 50mAH solar cells?

We Answered:

I am confused by your terminology. 6V 50mAH is a rating for a storage unit like a battery meaning that it can supply 6V at a (current x time) product that equals 50ma for 1hour. usually a solar cell is rated for the voltage and current of its maximum power point in bright sunlight. (I.E. 6V 50mA) If you then put those cells outside in an ideal sun placement and over the course of one day they get the equivalent integrated illumination of 7 hours of noontime sun. you could say they stored 6V x 50 mA x 7Hrs into the rechargeable batteries.(6V@350mAH)

To get back to what you want. if you had led's that need 1.5 V ea at 20 ma (a typical red led)

and you made 6 strings with 4 led's in series in each string you would need6V @120 mA

if you need to keep the led's light constantly, assume you need 24 hrs, 120ma = 2880 mAH
4 batteries in series will give 6V 2 string of 4 batteries in series will give 2 x13000 mAH = 2600 mAH. Since The Solar cell will provide some of the power directly, I would think the 8 batteries would suffice.

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