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Solar Cell Characteristics

Sue Said:

Help with Biology midterm study guide part 1?

We Answered:

Here's a great site giving the definition of most of these words. Good Luck!…

Joan Said:

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We Answered:

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Franklin Said:

for obtaining max power from a solar cell it should be operated on knee voltage of VI characteristic.explain?

We Answered:

I'm not sure how you define the "knee," But for a given solar cell, and a given level of illumination, there is an operating point that maximizes the product of voltage (V) and current (I). That product, VI is also known as power.

At one end of the characteristic curve, when the cell is "open", you have some maximum number of volts, but no current, therefore no power. At the other end (when the cell is shorted), you have maximum current, but no voltage. Again, no power. Somewhere in between is the peak power point.

NOTE: that the entire VI curve moves, and therefore the peak power point changes, when the level of illumination changes. The most advanced solar power systems use microprocessor-controlled DC-DC power converters to "track" the peak power point as the light level changes, and to force the array to operate at that point.

Janice Said:

what s the I-V characteristics of (CuInTe2/ CdS) solar cell?

We Answered:

extremely linear with positive slope

Marshall Said:

what are the characteristics of solar cells?

We Answered:

You might want to be more specific with your question, but basically, a solar cell collects light and converts it into electricity. For much more information, go to the Wikipedia article.

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